Czwartek, 18 Lipca 2024  Imieniny: Erwina, Kamila, Szymona

Solar collectors on the building of the City Office in Kalety

In recent days, on the building of the City Office in Kalety, the work connected with the building-in of the solar collectors used to produce hot water was completed. It is another public object in our city, which was equipped with the solar collectors. So far, the installation of hot water from the solar collectors has already been done on the building of the Primary School No. 1 in Kalety, the Complex of Schools and Kindergarten in Kalety - Miotek, the City Kindergarten and municipal social buildings of club "Unia Kalety" and "Małapanew Kuchów" This installation was done in the framework of the project "Thermo-modernisation of the City Office in Kalety" which is co-financed under the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, the Operational Programme PL04 titled: "Saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources".